misol WH5360 Rain Gauge LCD display Temperature Humidity measurement

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Night vision function:Weather Station

Shelf time:2023-03-31

Product description:Main Features:1. The rain sensor transmits datawirelessly(433Mhz) to the display (receiver).2. Wireless transmission distance:Max. 100meter (no obstacle).3.Every 49 secondsthe display(receiver) will receive the data from rain sensor.4.&nbs


Main Features:

1.  The rain sensor transmits data wirelessly (433Mhz) to the display (receiver).

2.  Wireless transmission distance: Max. 100 meter (no obstacle).

3.  Every 49 seconds the display(receiver) will receive the data from rain sensor.

4.  Rain1 record view: RAIN data (RATE, EVENT , 1 HOUR, 24HOUR).

5.  Rain 2 record view: Rain data (DAY, WEEK, MONTH, YEAR, TOTAL)

6.  Rain Rate/ Event alert

7.  It has a self-empty rain collector.

8.  Indoor temperature and humidity:

    -Every 60 second the unit will measure indoor temperature and humidity.

    -Indoor temperature and humidity MAX,MIN records with timestamp

    -Temperature/humidity high/low alert

9.  Alarm Clock










There’s a stainless steel filter included in the package. It’s aimed to stop leaves or bird's dropping to avoid the obstruction of the cone hole.





7. Specifications

Outdoor data

Measuring interval: 49 sec

Transmission distance in open field: 100m(300 feet)  (remark: it is tested in the open field, there’s no obstacle in between. If there’s obstacle in between, the distance will be shorter.)

Frequency: 433Mhz

Rain accuracy: +/- 10%


Indoor data

Measuring interval: 60s

Rain fall measuring range: 0--6000mm

Indoor temperature range: 0˚C--50˚C (32℉ to + 122℉)

Accuracy: ± 1°F/±0.5°C.

Indoor humidity measure range: 10% to 99%.

Accuracy: +/- 6% RH (@25°C. , 30%RH to 80%RH)

Accuracy: +/- 5% RH (@25°C. , 1%RH to29%RH;80%RH to 99%RH)




Power consumption

 Base Station: 3xAA Alkaline batteries 1.5v (not included)

Outdoor sensor: 1xAA Alkaline batteries 1.5v (not included)

Remark: in the winter, the alkaline batteries may not work in the cold temperature. Lithium battery (AA, 1.5V) is recommended.



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