Misol SP-WS02 Spare part (outdoor unit) for Professional Wireless Weather Station

Product ID:132

Night vision function:Weather Station

Shelf time:2023-01-09

Product description:Spare part (outdoor unit) for Professional Weather Station.communicationfrequency:433Mhz.Includes the below parts:1).thermo-hygro sensor (1 unit)2). Wind direction sensor (1 unit)3). Rain gauge sensor (1 unit)4).Wind speed sensor (1 unit)5). Installation rack (1 unit)Remark:


Spare part (outdoor unit) for Professional Weather Station.

communication frequency: 433Mhz.


Includes the below parts:

1). thermo-hygro sensor (1 unit)

2). Wind direction sensor (1 unit)

3). Rain gauge sensor (1 unit)

4). Wind speed sensor (1 unit)

5). Installation rack (1 unit)

Remark: this spare part (outdoor unit) is designed for our professional weather station, 

we don’t guarantee it is workable when you connect it to the professional weather stations of other sellers.



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