silicone sealant (glue), specially good for sealing solar panel

Product Numbers: PTV-GLU-1527-1

Product description:silicone sealant (glue), specially good for sealing solar panel



For sealing the side frames of solar energy panels, sealing the junction boxes on the panels and for sealing the solar energy lamps.

Volume: 310ML    UL Certification




  •  White, with UL certificate, super resistance to ultra violet, rain, contamination and hail.
  • Single component, solvent free, RTV
  •  Fully fill the clearance between 2 flange
  •  Good for sealing large clearances smaller than 2.5mm.
  •  Neutral, make no erosion to flanges
  •  Contain fluosilicate rubber, hence have very good resistance to oils.
  •  Resist impact, chemicals and high temperature
  •  Conform to regulation GB 5749-85 for drinkable water
  •  Conform to JB/T7311-2001<>