Hybrid Wind Solar Charge Controller 300W Regulator, 12V, AC input, wind charge controller

Product Numbers: WWS03A-12-AC

Product description:Hybrid Wind Solar Charge Controller 300W Regulator, 12V, wind charge controller


(Remark: default input voltage is: 12VAC, if you need VDC input, please enquiry us.)


The advanced wind/solar hybrid controller is specially designed for high-end small-scale wind solar hybrid system, and especially suitable for wind/solar hybrid street light system& wind/solar hybrid monitoring system. The controller can control wind turbine and solar panel at the same time and transform the wind&solar energy into electricity for the DC load use, with excess energy stored into batteries. Varieties of appearance and function design, which is flexible to meet the requirements of different customers.



          - Superior military-grade components to ensure the product stability.

          - Perfect protection function, thus the system has higher reliability.

          - Check and set all operation parameters as requirement from LCD display.

          - Voltage limiting and current-limiting charge mode ensures battery in the best charging status.

          - Two DC Load output, light-control, time-control, constant output, and multiple output control mode selection.

          - PWM stepless unload mode, which burn the excess power into dump load, making the battery charging in best status.

          - Design of high quality aluminum alloy appearance, with small size and good cooling effect.

          - European CE certification.



Rated Battery Voltage


Rated Wind Turbine Power


Wind Turbine Maximum Input Current


Wind Turbine Maximum Input Power


Unload Voltage(factory default)


Unload Current(factory default)


Rated Solar Power


Battery Over Discharge Voltage Shutoff


Battery Over Discharge Recovery


Output Protection Voltage


PV Voltage Of Light-Control On


PV Voltage Of Light-Control Off


Load 1 Rated Output Current


Load 2 Rated Output Current


Load 1 Output Mode(Factory Default)

3Modes Selection(Light-Control On and Light-Control Off)

Load 2 Output Mode(Factory Default)

3Modes Selection(Light-Control On and Time-Control 5 hours)

Control Mode


Display Mode


Display Parameters

Wind Turbine Power, Wind Turbine Voltage, Wind Turbine Current, PV Voltage, PV Charge Current, PV Power, Battery Voltage,

Over Voltage, UnderVoltage, OverLoad, Short Circuit, Night. Etc

Working Temperature &Humidity

-20~+55℃/35~85%RH(Without Condensation)

Temperature Compensation(optional)

4mV//2V ,–35--+80, Precision:±1

Communication Mode(optional)

RS232 or RS485 or RJ45 or GPRS. Etc

Quiescent Current


Protection Function

Solar reversechargeprotection,Solar reverseconnection protection,

Battery overcharge protection,Battery overdischarge protection,

Battery reverseconnection protection, Lightning protection

Wind turbine current limiting,Wind turbine automatic brake&manual brake.

Optional Function

Optional Function 1: RS Communication and Matched Software. Install the matched software to computer and connect controller with Computer Via software. User can adjust parameters from software by themselves. User can know the state of whole system Via software.All datawill be stocked into excel files from software.

Optional Function 2: Low Voltage Charge Function.With this function.

Controller can start charging battery when wind turbine voltage is lower than battery bank voltage ,For example ,Controller can start charging battery from 2V if runs in 12V battery bank

Remark: the optional function is not included into this auction, if you need please enquiry.