Solar Regulator 20A 12/24V, for two Battery Charging, with remote meter

Product Numbers: SCC-EPIP-D20-M

Product description:Solar Regulator 20A 12/24V, for two Battery Charging, with remote meter



Microcontroller digital accuracy

PWM Charge mode

State of charge (SOC)

Temperature compensation

Automatic detection of the voltage

External temperature sensor

Remote meter MT-1 shows the working data and condition

Battery type option

Battery AH setting

Charging priority setting

Modify parameters through four keys


Electronic protection

Short circuit protection

Reverse polarity protection

Reverse current protection at night

Over charging or discharging protection

Over load protection


LCD Display: all systems parameters in digital value, system status as symbols.


Technical specification:

Setpoint Sealed battery Flooded battery Gel battery

Boost voltage 14.2V 14.4V 14.6V

Equalization voltage 14.4V 14.6V 14.8V

Float voltage 13.7V 13.7V 13.7V

Maximum solar voltage 30V(or 55V)

Battery voltage range 1-15V

Boost time 30 minutes

Self-consumption: 4mA at night, 10mA at charging

Meter bus connection: 8-pin RJ-45

Temp. compensation: -30mV/12V

Terminals: 4mm2

Temperature:-35℃ to +55℃

Note: all the data is for 12V, for 24V, please use 2x.


Remote meter Features

Remote digital display for the 10Amp/20Amp Duo- Battery Solar Charge Controller. Ideal for monitoring and display current solar system status. Displays both solar voltage and battery voltage as well as charging current and load current. Shows Amp-Hour and Watt-Hour charge accumulation as well as percentage the batteries are charged. Easy to use and program and is ideal for a quick system check.

Full Digital Display

Displays Voltage, Current, Amp-Hours, Watt-Hours and Percentage Charge

Suitable for both 12V and 24V Systems

Temperature Display

Easy to Use and Set-Up
Full Installation Instructions Included