Solar Regulator 20A 12/24V, Remote Meter LCD Display

Product Numbers: SCC-EPIP-C20-M

Product description:Solar Regulator 20A 12/24V, Remote Meter LCD Display


This is solar controller with remote meter LCD Display.

It provides long distance surveillance. And it is suitable for some rural communications system, traffic system, etc.



Microcontroller digital accuracy

PWM Charge mode

State of charge (SOC)

Temperature compensation

Automatic detection of the voltage

External temperature sensor

Remote temperature sensor (optional)

Remote meter MT-2 shows the working data and condition

Battery type option

Battery AH setting

Modify parameters through four keys


Electronic protection

Short circuit protection

Reverse polarity protection

Reverse current protection at night

Over charging or discharging protection

Over load protection



LCD Display: all systems parameters in digital value, system status as symbols.


Technical specification:



System Voltage

12v/24v Autowork

Rated charging current



Rated load



Over load, short circuit protection

1.25 times of IE for 60 seconds, 1.5 times of IE by for 5 secs overload protection; ≥ 3 times of IE short circuit protection

Self consumption

≤6 mA

Charging circuit voltage drop


Discharging circuit voltage drop


Work temperature

-35to + 55

Temperature compensation


Control mode

PWM charging mode

Remote Meter LCD Specification as below:

Working current

Strong backlight on < 23mA, 15 seconds

Low backlight on < 20Ma, 15 seconds

Backlight and LED indicator off < 15Ma

Work temperature

-10to + 40

Communication Port

RJ45 (8PIN)

Communication Cable

1.5 meters