Heat Pipe Solar Collector MS-H2-C

Product Numbers: MS-H2-C

Product description:Pressurized collector,used for producing hot water


Heat Pipe Solar Collector



Model: MS-H2-C

Vacuum tube: heat pipe vacuum tube 58*1800mm



Structure and Principle
The heat pipe is hollow with the space inside evacuated, much same as all-glass evacuated solar collector tube. In this case insulation is not the goal, but rather to alter the state of the liquid inside. Inside the heat pipe there is a little purified water and some special additives. At sea level water boils at 100oC, but if you climb to the top of a mountain the boiling temperature will be less than100oC. This is due to the air pressure difference. Based on this principle of water boiling at a lower temperature with decreased air pressure, by evacuating the heat pipe, we can achieve the same result. The heat pipes used in our solar collectors have a boiling point of only 30oC. So when the heat pipe is heated above 30oC, the water vaporizes. This vapor rapidly rises to the top of the heat pipe and transfers the heat. As the heat is lost at the condenser (top), the vapor condenses to form liquid (water) and returns to the bottom of the heat pipe at once and then repeats the process.
At room temperature the water forms a small ball, much like mercury does when poured out on a flat surface at room temperature. When the heat pipe is shaken, the ball of water can be heard rattling inside. Although it is just water, it sounds like a piece of metal rattling inside.
This explanation makes heat pipes sound very simple. A hollow copper pipe with a little bit of water inside. Correct, but in order to achieve this result more than 20 manufacturing procedures are required with strict quality control.



Anti-freezing Protection
Even though the heat pipe is evacuated, and the boiling point has decreased to 25-30oC, the freezing point is still the same as water at sea level, 0oC. Because the heat pipe is in the evacuated glass tube, overnight temperatures as -40oC will not cause the heat pipe to freeze. Flat-plate collector will be damaged by repeated freezing. The water used in heat pipes still freezes in cold conditions, but it freezes in a controlled way that does not cause swelling of the copper pipe.