400W Wind turbine 12V 24V wind generator kit

Product Numbers: WDT-400S

Product description:400W Wind turbine 12V 24V wind generator kit



This listing includes: 1 unit of wind turbine 400W 12V or 24V

(Remark: we have 12v and 24v, please inform us which voltage you need, after your order)

1. General Description

1. Starting with low wind speed, wind energy utilization high; small size, beautiful appearance, low vibrating operation.

2. Installed by human design, easy installation, maintenance and repair.
3. the wind turbine blade by using new technology precision injection molding, together with the aerodynamic design and optimization of structural design, wind energy utilization coefficient is high, an increase in generating capacity.
4. permanent magnet generator rotor using patented alternator, together with the special stator design, effectively reduce the generation of resistance torque, while allowing more wind turbines and generator has good matching characteristics, the unit runs reliability.

2. Product feature


Rated power


Maximum power


Nominal voltage


Start wind speed

2.0m / s

Rated wind speed

13.0m / s

Rated revolution

450r / m

Security wind speed

50m / s

Host Net

Around 7kg

Wind wheel diameter

1.3 m

Leaf number


Blade material

Nylon fiber


Three-phase permanent magnet synchronous generator

Controller system

Electromagnetic/wind round lateralization

Speed way

Automatically adjust the windward angle




-40 -80