220V controller of solar water heater, used for separated pressurized solar hot water system

Product Numbers: SWH-SRC-208C-B

Product description:220V controller of solar water heater, used for separated pressurized solar hot water system



It can be used for the solar hot water heating system: 1 collector array – 1 storage tank – 1 pump and auxiliary heating.


Brief Introduction:

The solar circuit pump (R1) is switched on as soon as the switch-on temperature difference between the collector array (T1) and the storage tank (T2) is reached. If the temperature difference between the collector array (T1) and storage tank (T2) drops below the switch-off temperature difference, or the temperature of storage tank (T3) reaches the preset maximum storage temperature, then the solar circuit pump (R1) is switched off. Back-up heating by auxiliary boiler Within the preset time section of back-up heating, if the temperature T3 is below the switch-on temperature, then the circulation pump ( H1) of back-up heating is triggered, when T3 is heated to the switch-off temperature, circulation pump H1 of back-up heating is ceased.


Main technical data

-       Appearance  of  controller: 187mm×128mm×46mm  

-       Power  supply:   AC230V±10%  

-       Power  consumption:     3W  

-       Accuracy  of  temperature  measuring:   ±2 Cel. degree

-       Range  of  collector  temperature  measuring:   -10220 Cel. degree

-       Range  of  tank  temperature  measuring:   0110 Cel. degree  

-       Suitable  power  of  pump:   3 pcs ≤  600W  

-       Inputs:   1  x  Pt1000  sensor  (≤500 Cel. degree)  for  collector  (silicon  cable≤280 Cel. degree),  

-       2  x  NTC10K,  B3950  sensor  (≤  135 Cel. degree)  for  tank,  (PVC  cable  ≤105 Cel. degree),  

-       Outputs:   1  relays,  for  circulation  pumps  

-       1  relay  for  electrical  heater  

-       Ambient  temperature:   -1050  Cel. degree


Main functions

-       1.Main  menu  DT  O  &  DT  F  Temperature  difference  function
2.Main  menu-THET  timing  heating
3.TEMP  Temperature  main  menu
4.EM  Emergency  collector  temperature
emergency  switch-off  temperature  of  collector
5.CMX  Maximum  limited  collector  temperature  (collector  cooling  function)
6.CMN  low  temperature  protection  of  collector
7.CFR  frost  protection  of  collector  
8.SMX  Maximum  temperature  of  tank  
9.REC  Tank  re-cooling  function
10.Celsius  and  Fahrenheit  temperature  transferring  
11.HND  Manual  mode
12.PASS  Password  setting
13.LOAD  Recovery  to  factory  setting
14.Manual  heating
15.Temperature  query  function
16.Protection  function
18.Anti-dry  heating  Protection
19.Screen  protection



Diagram of the system as below: