UK Plug Ammeter Energy Power Watt Voltage Volt Meter Monitor Analyzer

Product Numbers: OTH-MAM-UK-1

Product description:UK Plug Ammeter Energy Power Watt Voltage Volt Meter Monitor Analyzer





This listing includes: 1 unit of power meter (ammeter), UK plug.

This product not only provides power connection for the electric appliancesbut also records operations of the appliances. Operation conditions on the display includesvoltage of power supplyreal-time running powerelectricity consumptionelectricity costoperation time… At the same timeit provides analysis on real-time running power and gives out alarm automatically once abnormal operation occurs. This helps to use and maintain the appliances scientifically as well as save power and reduce waste. Soit is also called “power-saving guardian”.

1. AC voltage: 160~280V AC/50Hz; 
2. Power: 0.7~3000W; 
3. Watt-hour: 0.0001~999.9kWh; 
4. Electricity cost: $ 0~9,999; 
5. Ratio of operation condition: 0~100% ; 
6. Running time: 0~60 mins to 24 hours to 999 days. (0~24h~9999d) 

1. Voltage: 160~280V AC, 50Hz; 
2. Peak load: 15A 
3. Temperature: -10~60
4. Humidity: 10~95% RH 
5. Measurement accuracy: +/- 1% 

Socket Versions: UK plug

Certification: CE ,RoHS 

Package including:
1 x Advanced Multifunctional Energy Meter
1 x User Manual (In English)