7 sensors 110V controller of solar water heater, data storage, for 2 tanks

Product Numbers: SWH-SRC-1188-A

Product description:7 sensors 110V controller of solar water heater, data storage, for 2 tanks







This listing includes: 1 unit of controller for solar water heater, 110V.

(delivery with Kingston SD Card 8GB, free)



1). Max.number of collectors:2

2). Max.number of storage tanks:2

3). Max.number of relays:7

4). Max.number of sensors:7

5). Max.number of application system:26 kinds of different system

6). With Data storage function to SD memory Card

7). Internet Access


Technical data

1). Material of cases: ABS

2). Water proof grade: IP 40

3).Available ambient temperature: 0 ... 40

4).Dimensions: 200 x 155 x 47 mm

5).Mounting: on wall or in the electrical cases

6).Operation button: 8 operation buttons on panel

7).Functions: controller used in solar hot water system and solar heating system, has functions like temperature difference control, thermal energy measuring, accumulated running time of solar circuit pump, collector interval function, thermostat or, storage layer heated , priority logic, back-up heating, heat transferring, Anti-Legionella function, PWM pump speed etc.

8).Communication port: SD card groove.

9. Power supply: 110V ~, 50 ... 60 H z

10. Power consumption : 3W

11. Accuracy of temperature measuring : ±2

12. Range of collector temperature measuring: -10- 200

13. Range of tank or pipe temperature measuring: 0-110

14.Inputs: 2 x Pt1000 sensor (500) for collector (silicon cable280),

 5 x NTC10K, B3950 sensor ( 135) for tank, (PVC cable 105),

 1 x ELA485 remote control connection

15.Outputs5 relays outputs ( each available power300W; 2 PWM outputs(≤200W

16.Ambient temperature-10-50

17.Water proof gradeIP40

18. Can support 26 kinds of systems, please see the below diagram of different systems.



Timing  heating
Temperature  difference  control    3*ΔT
Collector  emergency  shutdown
Collector  cooling  function
Collector  low  temperature  protection
Collector  frost  protection
Tank  re-cooling  function
Celsius  and  Fahrenheit  transferring
Maximum  temperature  of  tank  (2*storage  tanks)
Maximum  turnoff  temperature  
(for  solid  fuel  boiler,  return  heating,  heat  transferring  between  tanks)
Minimum  turn-on  temperature  
(for  solid  fuel  boiler,  return  heating,  heating  transferring  between  tanks)
Anti-Legionella  function
Temperature  controlled  hot  water  circulation  pump
Switch  on/off  temperature  of  solid  fuel  boiler( Independent of system)
RPM  speed  controlling(2*semiconductors)
Thermal  energy  measuring
Priority  logic  of  multiple-tanks(  2*storage  tanks)
Pump  interval  function
Thermostat  function( Independent of system)
High  temperature  by-pass  function(Collector  cooling  down)
Solar  circulation  bypass
Circulating  pump  delay  function
Data logging  onto  SD  memory  card
Internet  access
Manual  Control(  for  7  outputs:P1...P4,R1,R2,H1)
Password  setting
Recovery  to  factory  setting
Holiday  function
Manual  Heating
Temperature  query  function
Memory  Protection
Screen  protection
Trouble  shooting
Trouble  protection
Trouble  checking