6 sensors, 220v controller of solar water heater, for pressurized hot water system

Product Numbers: SWH-SRC-618-B

Product description:6 sensors, 220v controller of solar water heater, for pressurized hot water system





1). Max.number of collectors:2

2). Max.number of storage tanks:2

3). Max.number of relays:5

4). Max.number of sensors:6

5). Max.number of application system: 12 kinds of different system


Technical data

1).Appearance  of  controller:  see  product  itself  (  dimension:  210mm  x145mm  x48mm)
2).Power  supply
AC230V  ±10%      
3).Power  consumption
< 3W
4).Accuracy of temperature measuring
± 2
5).Range of collector temperature measuring
-10 ~200
6).Range of tank temperature measuring
0 ~100
7).Suitable power of pump
4 pumps possible to be connected, power of each pump ≤ 600W .
8).Suitable power of auxiliary heating
power ≤1500W
6 sensors,
   - 2 piece Pt1000 sensor (≤500
) for collector (silicon cable≤280),
   -4 pieces NTC10K, B3950 sensor (≤ 135
) for tank, (PVC cable ≤105),
10).Ambient temperature
-10 ~ 50.
11).Water proof grade



DT  O  &  DT  F    Temperature  difference  controlling  the  Solar  circuit  pump
THET  Timing  heating
EM  Emergency  collector  temperature
emergency  switch-off  temperature  of  collector
CMX  Maximum  limited  collector  temperature(collector  cooling  function)
CMN  low  temperature  protection  of  collector
CFR  frost  protection  of  collector
SMX  Maximum  temperature  of  tank
REC  Tank  re-cooling  function
MAX1  Maximum  turnoff  temperature  (for  solid  fuel  boiler,  return  heating,  heat  transferring  between  tanks)
MIN1  Minimum  turn-on  temperature  (for  solid  fuel  boiler,  return  heating,  heating  transferring  between  tanks)
DVWG  Anti-Legionella  function
CIRC  Temperature  controlled  hot  water  circulation  pump
nMIN  Solar  circulation  pump  speed  adjusting(RPM  speed  controlling)
OHQM  Thermal  energy  measuring
Priority  logic  of  tank
INTV  Pump  interval  fucntion
BYPR  High  temperature  by-pass  function(Tank  temperature  automatically  adjusting)
Holiday  fucntion
HND  Manual  mode
PASS  Password  setting
RSET  Recovery  to  factory  setting
Manual  Heating
Temperature  query  function
Memory  Protection
Anti-dry  heating  protection
Screen  protection
Trouble  protection



SYSTEM DIAGRAM( this controller can support)