50L non-pressurized solar water heater vacuum tube 47*700mm with electric booster 1.5KW,SWH-NP1-4770

Product Numbers: SWH-NP-4705-50-A

Product description:This listing includes one 50L water tank, Bracket, 10 tubes 47*700mm, screws, 1.5 KW electric element Outer tank diameter: 420mm Inner tank diameter: 310mm Bracket: galvanized steel plate 45 degrees angle Electric element: 1.5KW



Working principle:

Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater works in this way: warm water rises when the phenomenon known as natural convection happens and water circulates between the collectors and tank. The tank must be installed above the collector. As water in the collector is heated, it becomes lighter and naturally rises into the tank above. Meanwhile, cooler water in the tank flows downwards into the collector, thus causes circulation throughout the system. These systems are reliable and relatively inexpensive.





    1) Cheap and reliable water heating solution with simple structure and easy installation;

    2) High efficiency with daily average efficiency higher than 50%;

    3) Can be operated completely automatically if connected with intelligent controller;

    4) Operation without any power supply;

    5) Auxiliary electric booster is optional;

    6) Superior heat preservation ensured by one-off molding polyurethane foaming with  thickness 50mm-65mm.